Toast with Sibling.😙😙

3 rupaye ki 9 bread and 6 toast aate the..

Hume toast pasand tha wahi mangate the..
Teeno aapas mein batein toh bht kam paate the…

Soch ke khud ko hum ye samjhate the..
Honge bade hum bhi ek din pura packate akele khayenge..

Chai kam pad jaye aur mangayenge..
Aaj baithe akele toh khane lekar pura packate,

Par ye na pata tha ki ye aansu unhe yaad karke nikle chale aayenge..



Then i picked my mascot,
That always starts with a dot,
Creates beautiful letter, words, sentences
Expresses emotion love n sorrow,
May be this not much, but why not?

It creates what my mind says,
It creates what my heart think,
It cannot see how other stays,
It sometime expresses something,
That only myself understands..

But it help me to cry,
Most loudly i can,
Instead of wetting my pillow,
It helps me drained,
My love my sorrow will never end,
Hope my mascot does so..

M writing with lot of down-age,
Unable to engage, or drag,
Even in to my cage,
That fucking creature is not with me,
D one having treating it so bad..
Its obvious i don’t want it back,
But want it happy, Without these wrack..

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Story of Vada Pao

This needs to discuss,
Without any fuss,
Every morning we face
Every day is its settlement, and they say about is ada,
There is Scarity of this and we call it vada..

Even we have manier option avail,
Still we search this vada in our trail..
some is hiding them in pocket,
some is crying to just have percent of it,

When we go back,
it was always a tea time,
Now is fight for vada,
With lots of wrack,
After the tea some gets a stoke,
Ofcrs at 6th floor have to smoke.

With all this, I have few fun,
A moment of smile,
And than all are in fiery run.


Tonight Dream ..,

Yalla !! i found my today’s theme,
Going to decide my tonight’s dream,

Have to limit the time of the same,
Have to decided in how many frame,
People says one see in early morning,
Is comes true even if not wanting,

So have to plan them in a way,
My goal and career,
should see in early morning of the way,
I want to see i am back to home my town,
To see my mum and to fight my owl,
To listen compliments of my sista’s,
Will be bringing kg’s of Kaju and Pista’s,

Want to give my time who own’s this,
Who missing me badly for months,
and never demanded,
I want to take then to places they wanted,
They have been alone in between,
Will give them the love
Which their heart always chanted..

Then will be is early morning,
As told you, there is a special planning,

My success and goal will be placed here,
Will bring some one with me,
who’s alone without me there..

I knew its all messed up here,
Is how one see’s these dream,
Even if i don”t get, nobody cares.😯😯
Still i want my dream department
To make this clear,
I want dreams to be pre-decided as i want,
And also be precise and
Crystal glass clear.. 😡😡😡

‪#‎ManishMishra‬ ‪#‎MM‬

Why this blog…

Knowingly or may be Unknowingly i got a habit of writing, and Unfortunately my all write-ups customize themselves into poetry, the only media or platform i found to put them being unprofessional was Facebook. So i did, and got some amazing reply upcoming shayar and etc.